Our History

Our family has been involved in clocks and watches in the Bergen County, NJ area for four generations. Andreas, Russell’s grandfather, ran and operated Andrews Jewelers in Leonia, NJ after immigrating from Denmark to America. He passed on the store to his son, John Andrews, who relocated Andrews Jewelers to Westwood, NJ. Andrews Jewelers remained in Westwood for twenty six years. Upon his passing, Andrews Jewelers was taken over by Russell Andrews who switched the focus back to timepieces. In 2001, Russell opened up Andrews Clocks & watches in Hillsdale, NJ. In 2016, Russell’s daughter, Caitlyn, joined him after the birth of her daughter, Anna, who will be the fifth generation in watch and clock repair. Today Russell and his daughter, Caitlyn, run the store five days a week- providing Sales, Service and Restoration work on all timepieces for the tri-state area.


Having a lifetime of experience exposed to all makes of timepieces available, we simply chose to provide brands that are built with the mindset of lasting quality.  Companies that still believe in providing a level of workmanship rarely seen today.  Timepieces that as time moves on can be serviced and not simply disposed of as most things are made today.  Take time to read about the history of each company we represent.    Truly what we provide are pieces that can be true gifts of time, things that can be handed down from one generation to the next.  Like the clocks we sell, we look forward to passing down our knowledge to the next generation. Within the next few years, we look forward to training the fifth generation of clockmakers/watchmakers, Pavel & Anna, who frequently come to “help” in the form of playing with old movement & spare parts. Most important we are here to provide help in deciding which timepiece is right for you along with an education in understanding what an incredible purchase you will be making. 

With regards to repairs and servicing your presently owned timepiece, we strive to provide  you with the quality workmanship and most reasonable prices we are well known for.

Russell John Andrews

Russell has been exposed to clocks and watches since the age of seven.  Working with his father who owned Andrews Jewelers on Westwood Ave. Westwood, NJ, he grew up in the business serving as an apprentice to the business. Upon the passing of  John Andrews, Russell changed the name to Andrews Clocks and Watches in Hillsdale, NJ, yet continued the tradition of serving the Bergen County Area for all things involved with clocks and watches.  Through the years he learned how special timepieces can be.  Rarely can you speak of something made today that can be cherished for a lifetime, then handed down to the next generation for enjoyment.  Sadly he learned that many owners of timepieces were never given a proper education in how to maintain their clocks and watches, and simply would run them till they developed issues that needed to be addressed.  When someone purchases a timepiece from Andrews Clocks the most important issue is understanding there is a need to care for it, not simply run it till issues develop.  His mindset is when a timepiece is sold, a relationship develops.  This relationship does not exist with a typical internet purchase.  Again, the mindset is simple.

Provide the finest quality at the most reasonable price and stand by the purchase for the long run.


Caitlyn Noelle Andrews

Caitlyn is a WOSTEP (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training & Education Program) certified watchmaker with ten years experience in Watchmaking.  After completing the WOSTEP Program, one of the most difficult and thorough programs in the world for understanding the art of watchmaking, she went on to work for the Swatch Group in Secaucus, NJ as a watchmaker gaining a thorough grounding in all areas of servicing watches. The Swatch Group is the largest provider of such major brands as Omega, Breguet, Blancpain,  Longines,  Tissot, Rado, Hamilton and the well known Swatch Watch.   To gain a good understanding of working in a more retail environment Caitlyn took on a position at the Omega Boutique on Fifth Avenue NYC.  There she focused on every area of watchmaking including: polishing, repairs, timing and regulations, and sales support.  When a position opened up across the street at Harry Winston, one of the finest jewelry and timepiece retailers in the world, she moved again.  Here she simply had the opportunity on working on some of the finest timepiece made today.  She left Harry Winston after her second child, Anna, was born to join the family business full time in 2016.

Caitlyn has the ability to offer this incredible experience and exposure to watches along with a thorough understanding of clocks.  She looks forward to meeting you to assist you in any way possible.