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Having a lifetime of experience exposed to all makes of timepieces available, we simply chose to provide brands that are built with the mindset of lasting quality.  Companies that still believe in providing a level of workmanship are rarely seen today.  Timepieces that as time moves on can be serviced and not simply disposed of as most things are made today.  Take time to read about the history of each company we represent.    Truly what we provide are pieces that can be true gifts of time, things that can be handed down from one generation to the next.  We are here to provide help in deciding which timepiece is right for you along with an education in understanding what an incredible purchase you will be making.  If you have any questions, please contact us anytime at 201-664-4828 or



In 1845 an Italian precision instrument maker, Onorato Comitti, travelled to England seeking a new future in the land that was enjoying the unprecedented prosperity generated by the Industrial Revolution and in 1850 he open his workshops alongside other specialist makers in Clerkenwell, London.


Dedicated to the pursuit of perfection and innovation, he quickly achieved an unsurpassed reputation for his recording instruments including the finest quality mercury and aneroid barometers. It was during the late Victorian period that the company gained renown as one of the finest clockmakers in England receiving the Diploma of Honour for the company's workmanship in 1888.

More than 150 years later, Comitti is still a family-owned business, run by the fifth generation, which remains true to the founding principles of Onorato Comitti and continues to maintain the company's international reputation for luxury timepieces in the finest traditions of English clock making.

Original Comitti barometers and clocks from those early days are now sought-after and valuable antiques. Tellingly, some of the Comitti styles created in the late 1800s continue to be made today, using many of the same techniques and attracting the same wonder that they always did. Such a heritage allows the Company to offer a bespoke maintenance and restoration service for all antique clocks and barometers.


Lotscher built their first clock in 1920, and they're deeply gratified to say that the same loving care and craftsmanship that went into their first clock, still goes into every Loetscher cuckoo clock built today, making each one a truly timeless timepiece. Lotscher's also proud to say that they're the only genuine Swiss chalet cuckoo clock maker in existence today.

Loetscher AG operates two facilities in different parts of Switzerland that have specific duties in the manufacturing of the clocks.

All of the initial steps involved in building the clocks are done in the woodworking facility in Brienz, a small village in central Switzerland in the canton of Berne.

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Woodworking artisans take linden wood that has been aged several years (to ensure it won’t warp or crack in humid or dry environments) and hand-carve every chalet and all the figurines that adorn them. This initial process takes time, and it’s the most costly way to build clocks, but it’s what distinguishes Loetscher from the rest.

The finished clock bodies are then brought to Lotscher's assembly plant in Faellanden, just outside Zurich, where the clockworks, music boxes and gears that enable the figurines to move are assembled and positioned into the clocks. And then finally, the weights and pendulums are added, completing the last steps of assembly.

Loetscher is soon approaching its 100-year anniversary, and during this time they've never veered from this labor-intensive, patient approach to building cuckoo clocks quite because there’s simply no better way. This is how they’ve done it from their humble beginnings, and this is the way they’ll do it for the next hundred years.