Classic Emmental Chalet (9510Q)

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classic emmental chalet.jpg

Classic Emmental Chalet (9510Q)


Two craftsmen, you’ll find represented here on both sids of the chalet’s edifice. A ibex, stands off to the left side while a classic Emmental fountain well is to the right side. An arrangement of the widely admired Swiss Edelweiss flower, hand-carved from the wood of linden trees, trace the bottom center portion of the clock.

Size : 9 x 8 in

Quartz : This quartz model is powered by two ‘C’ batteries. The chalet and figurines, hand-carved from locally sourced wood, are made with the same loving care and devotion to detail as our mechanical clocks. There are only two differences between the quartz and mechanical clocks. With the quartz there is no need for winding, and secondly, the quartz clock’s cuckoo sound is a high-quality recording. The weights are for aesthetic purposes and are made of solid iron.

Ornaments : Ornaments are hand-carved and hand-painted, which makes each one of them original and unique.

Night feature : A manual switch allows you to turn off the cuckoo without damaging the clock’s movement.

Warranty: 2 Years International Warranty

Cuckoo : Every full hour

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