Heidi and the Musicians (One Day)(2108M)

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heidi and musicians.jpg

Heidi and the Musicians (One Day)(2108M)


Heidi stands to the left of scene toting a walking stick in one hand and an exquisitely detailed bag in the other. Off to the right of scene is a goat standing in front of a pine.Just like the eight-day ‘Heidi & the Musicians,’ this model features four rosy-cheeked musicians, clothed in traditional costumes and playing traditional instruments. The cuckoo bird calls out on the hour, after which one of two delightful tunes plays alternately, sending the dancers waltzing across the balcony and the musicians swaying in time with the music.

Size : 13 x 12 in

Mechanical Movement : Movement runs for one day before you need to wind up the chain.

Moving Elements : Two dancing couples positioned below the cuckoo who twirl around as the music plays, as well as musicians who sway side to side with the music.

Figurines and Ornaments : The figurines are hand-carved and hand-painted, which makes each one of them original and unique.

Night feature : A manual switch that allows you to turn off the music and the cuckoo without affecting the clock’s movement.

Warranty: 3 Years International Warranty

Music : Every half hour

Melody 1: The Happy Wanderer

Melody 2: Edelweiss

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