Santa Clause’s Chalet (2016.8)


Santa Clause’s Chalet (2016.8)


With all the cheer of the season on our mind, Santa takes center in this scene, driving a sleigh with Christmas gifts flowing out. Two of his reindeers await his signal. Off to the right side of the scene is a little hut with three rotating levels, providing a glance at a few of Santa’s presents (all of which were made by hand with painstaking care from fine, delicate paper) Two hand-knit bags and filled with sand from Lake Brienz, are on the top level of the hut.

Off to the left side of the scene stand three snow-covered pine trees, and next to them, on a moving platform with a baby deer. A reindeer stands overseeing his baby.

Size : 16 x 20 in

Mechanical Movement : Movement runs for eight straight days before you need to wind up the chain.

Moving Elements : In the Hut; Three turning platforms on three levels displaying beautiful paper gift boxes and hand-knitted cotton bags.

A baby deer turns on a snowy platform.

Dancers who are positioned below the cuckoo and twirl around as the music plays.

Night feature : A manual switch that allows you to turn off the music and cuckoo without having to stop the clock’s movement.

Warranty: 3 Years International Warranty

Music : Every full hour

Melody 1: Jingle Bells

Melody 2: Silent Night

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