The Winemaker's Chalet (2015.8M)

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The winemaker.jpg

The Winemaker's Chalet (2015.8M)


The three windows running up the face of the tower are adorned with flower boxes with blossoms, and flanked by red shutters. At center stage you’ll find a winemaker carrying a sack of grapes, as well as a couple of elegant snow-white gees in the grass. Behind the winemaker, off to the right side of the scene, you’ll discover a traditional wine press.Barry, the Saint Bernard dog, and his two puppies, can be found to the left, standing on a platform. After the cuckoo bird’s call on the hour, one of two different tunes plays alternately, sending the dog’s rotating platform into motion while also sending the dancers on the balcony in motion.

Size: 16 x 19 in

Mechanical Movement : Movement runs for eight straight days before you need to wind up the chain.

Moving Elements : Dancing couples who are positioned below the cuckoo and twirl about as the music plays. Barry, the St. Bernard dog, and his two puppies who turn on a rotating platform with the music.

Figurines and Ornaments : The figurines are hand-carved and hand-painted, which makes each one of them unique and valuable.

Night feature :  A manual switch allows you to turn off the music and the cuckoo without interrupting the clock’s movement.

Warranty: 3 Years International Warranty

Music : Every full hour

Melody 1: The Happy Wanderer

Melody 2: Edelweiss

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